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Letisha & Charlene Education Awards - 2011

A new set of awards will be made by the Letisha and Charlene Education Award Scheme.

It is offering cash awards to deserving students in order to help them achieve their career goals and ambitions.

The Letisha & Charlene Education Award (LCEA) scheme was established in memory of Charlene Ellis and Letisha Shakespeare, who were the innocent victims of gang violence in January 2003.

Since then about 70 students have benefitted from awards of either cash or computers, which have been presented in their memory.

The project is run by the families of the girls, backed by the Birmingham Mail and its charity trust and administered through Birmingham & Black Country Community Foundation.

Bev Thomas and Marcia Shakespeare, the mums of Charlene and Letisha, said: “We are well aware of just how tight money is at the moment.

“We are determined to offer help wherever we can in memory of the girls, and in these needy times we think that is particularly important.

“The awards are not just for clever, high-flyers, they are for everyone.

“So our message to students is, if you’re struggling financially at the moment, we may be able to help - and we want to hear from you.”

Bev and Marcia want to be contacted by students who are struggling to pay the likes of text books, travel costs or other education related expenses.

Applicants will be required to provide a reference from a professional person who knows them, for example a teacher, tutor, social worker or youth worker. The must also provide a National Insurance Number. They will also need to be available for interview.

Students aged 16-and-over, from across the whole of Birmingham can apply.

The LCEA awards have been developed as a living memorial to Charlene and Letisha and aim to support young people and re-invest confidence in the community.

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(NB: Deadlines for applications: 12pm on Thursday 22nd September 2011)

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